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Choose Your Needling Pen Wisely

Not all pens are made equal!
Derma Pro

"What A Bloody Mess!"

Dr Stefanie Williams recently published an article in Consulting Rooms, looking at issues in relation to potential cross-contamination with automated micro-needling pens, entitled ‘What a bloody mess!’, the pen tested was NOT the Derma Pro.

Photos from Stephanie’s article was very disturbing as patients could be at risk of HIV, hepatitis and bloodborne diseases.

Although some companies selling needling pens in the UK have been challenged by other countries’ health regulatory organisations, they are not withdrawing them in the UK but asking practitioners to pay for an upgrade to a 'newer' version.


Cosmo Pro have have always been conscientious in ensuring patient safety. We carefully select all products and devices and our Derma Pro Pen and needle tips is designed to not let any blood/serum products through the protective housing and into the pen.

Cross Contamination

The image above, highlights the safety and triple protection seal which was not breached. Blood or fluids are retained within the cartridge, the pen housing is protected.

Derma Pro

The Derma Pro has passed rigorous testing. As a company we supply the CE conformity and certification to ensure peace of mind and transparency. We provide accredited training and ongoing support including marketing to help our practitioner grow their business.

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