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Neofound - The Key to Healthy Skin

Bio-remodelling, bio-stimulation and bio-stimulants - is it the key to glowing, healthy skin?

Basically it's a treatment that feeds and nourishes your skin.

Everyone understands dermal fillers which are fantastic for volume loss, fat migration, correction of asymmetry, contouring, enhancing, beautification and anti ageing but what about those fine lines? And the pigmentation? What about the scarring and all the things on the surface of the skin that dermal fillers have limitations? There is no point in investing in neurotoxin and dermal filers if the skin is stained, creased, dehydrated and looks tired.


Bio-stimulation is a treatment that brighten and tighten the skin, improves collagen, reduce the ageing process, remove fine lines and damage. It prolonged HA aesthetic work, enhanced neurotoxin results, treated melasma and can be used in more areas than just the face! The beauty of bio-stimulation is that it is completely in our hands. We don’t have to rely on the client doing their routines at home and we can go in as many times as is required.

Bio-stimulation is what gives the skin that beautiful glow - the key to healthy skin!


Dr Amore has designed Neofound to brighten, whiten and tighten the skin by targeting and feeding the skin at a cellular level for all ages and types. For the younger patient you will have a tighter feel, more volume and collagen stimulation providing a healthy hydrated glow. For ageing skin you will see more volume, improvements on hard and fine wrinkling as well as the restoration of elasticity and skin colour as Neofound targets the pigmentation. Patients who suffer from severe pigmentation such as melasma are also found to benefit hugely from Neofound’s global approach. Changes in colour can be seen immediately and with a proper treatment plan has significant impact. This is a far safer technique than use of corrosive elements that can cause severe or permanent damage. Neofound provides practitioners with the perfect addition to their tool box; it is both preventative and curative in its global approach.

Even hard to reach areas round the eyes can be treated with results almost immediately. Treatment times are 15-20 minutes per area, and the dosage for each treatment area will vary between 1.0-1.5ml, keeping cost and time to a minimum. Patient downtime is 20-30 minutes and results can be seen immediately after one session. Long-term results can make a big difference to patients’ lives and confidence. Suitable patients range from those aged in their 20s or 30s presenting with mild Type I early photoaging with no pigmentary changes or keratosis and minimum wrinkles, to severe Type IV photoaging with yellow-grey skin colour, prior skin malignancies, wrinkles throughout and limited normal skin. Patients with Type I and Type II photoaging should be treated with 1.0ml every two weeks for 3-4 sessions, and Type III and Type IV should be treated with 1.5ml every two weeks for 5-6 sessions. It’s recommended to revisit the patient again 4-6 months from treatment plan completion with top ups made available upon request if necessary.

It’s cocktail of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, low weight and heavy weight HA, plus moisturisers. It is the top of the market at the moment and there is no substitute that promises the same results. It has incredible effects on collagen stimulation, pigmentation, scarring, overall hydration, treatment of acne, reduces rosacea and irons out those fine lines and wrinkles.

Using a nanoneedle allows the practitioner to inject all over the face, neck, chest and hands and allows the treatment of delicate areas such as the eye. Great as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with dermal fillers and/or neurotoxins, Neofound provides the perfect canvas and structure on which to provide a total global approach for your patients.

Neofound is available from the Cosmo Pro online shop for £130.00 in a 5x3ml pack.

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